What is the Crypto 2021 Collection?

This is the first of (hopefully) many future years of the Year in Crypto collection. We’ve put together a broad set of collectible cards that celebrate and commemorate the past year in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. The set features artwork by leading artists in the industry and includes themes, people and projects that made an impact this year.

What is the Founder’s Presale?

The Founder’s presale is our way of incentivizing and rewarding our earliest collectors with lower pricing and special rewards that continue to provide value into the future. This will only last for three days. Once the Founders presale is over, we will move onto the main presale and the site launch when collectors can open their packs.

What is the collection breakdown for this set?

The 2021 collection will be broken down into the ‘core’ set of 100 unique cards, each with 150 total copies minted (for a total of only 150 maximum complete sets possible). There will also be mythic and exotic cards that will be used as rewards and as random inserts into card packs. Lastly, there will be two unique reward cards that will be awarded to collectors. Those include the Founders & Capstone Cards.

How can I collect these cards?

Cards will be available for purchase in blind packs. Each pack will contain 3 random cards that you will be able to view when you open the pack on our site. The mint of each card is determined when the packs are created and not when they are unpacked.

How many packs will I be able to purchase during the presale?

You are limited to 2 open orders of 50 packs at a time, each order will have an expiration time of 10 minutes, this has taken the Eth transaction time into account. Once the orders have cleared, you can buy more. We have added this limit to ensure there is no foul play and users do not buy up a whole tier to prevent other legitimate collectors from purchasing packs. If you plan to buy several packs we recommend you do so in one purchase to avoid gas fees for making the purchase from the L1 Ethereum chain (we’ll be adding account balance funding when we launch the market so that you can spend inside the Kolectiv environment without paying gas fees but can’t eliminate gas fees from the funds transfer from L1)

Can I sell my packs on the market?

You will be able to buy and sell packs on our secondary market at Kolectiv.gg but not on the main Ethereum network at launch. In the future we will add support to transfer packs to your wallet and third party marketplaces just like you can with your card NFTs. Launch packs will be tradeable when the site launches.

How can I purchase packs?

You can purchase packs by connecting with MetaMask and using ETH to purchase. We currently don’t accept fiat payments but we are actively working on integrating fiat payments and hope to have more news soon. If you don’t have ETH, you can learn more about it and purchase on Coinbase.com, Kraken.com, Binance.com or many other exchanges. If you are having issues with a purchase, please join our Discord and ask the community or ping a staff member for help!

How long is the presale period?

The Founder’s presale will start on March 18th 7PM UTC and end 7AM UTC Monday 21st March. The presale will also end if all packs sell out before the end of the presale period. Once the Founder’s Presale is complete the price of the remaining unsold packs will increase by 25% and purchasers will no longer receive the Founders rewards. Please check our website for the exact times in your local time zone and subscribe to receive email updates so you don’t miss any important information related to the drop.

How long will packs be available to purchase?

Packs will be available until they all sell out but will become increasingly expensive as more are sold. Packs purchased after the Founder’s presale will not be eligible for presale rewards or perks. Packs will also increase in cost by 25% after the Founder’s presale ends. You will be able to buy packs before the site launches, but will not receive the Founder perks. The total number of packs and cards minted will be fixed and will not increase over time.

How much do packs cost?

The packs will be split into 10 groups. The first 10% of the total packs will start at the lowest price as shown in the table below. Each group of packs will increase in price until each pack in the last group will reach the max cost. This way collectors who take part early will be able to get packs at a lower price and the cost will increase as more packs are sold.

Why should I buy during the presale period?

Great question — not only will you be able to lock in lower pack prices by purchasing during the presale but you will also receive 1 Base Founders reward card for making a purchase or if you purchase more than 10 packs you will receive a Gold Founders reward card for each 10 packs you purchase. These cards will entitle you to receive special future perks like free packs in upcoming drops from Kolectiv and partner projects, discounts and access to special Founders only drops. Once the presale ends the price of all packs will also increase by 25%

What happens if I purchase packs and there aren’t enough left in a price tier?

If you purchase more packs than are available in a price tier we will automatically add packs from the next tier to fill your order. You will be able to see the price you will pay for your total order and be able to decide if you would like to proceed. If you cancel the order, the packs will be unlocked and available for other collectors to purchase.

What happens if I make a payment and it fails?

In order to make sure your transaction goes through make sure you check the current gas prices and that you price your transaction accordingly to ensure it clears quickly. We expect the pack launch to be competitive so we are limiting the time that we will reserve your packs while your payment clears. If your transaction doesn’t clear in the time allotted we will return your packs back to the pack pool.

How does the Kolectiv marketplace work?

The items you collect on Kolectiv are all NFT’s created on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, you are free to sell, trade or to hold them in your own wallet. We will also provide a marketplace where you can buy or sell any item created by Kolectiv without paying gas fees. Items can be transferred between your personal wallet and Kolectiv at any time. You will need to pay gas fees when transferring items to and from your Metamask wallet on the Ethereum L1 but no gas fee from transactions on the Kolectiv market (Though there are royalties on each transaction that pay back to the platform and artists).

When will the website launch?

We’re actively working with Immutable to finish the items required to launch the site. We plan to launch the site in mid/late April so that you can open your packs, buy/sell on the market, complete your collections and compete on the leaderboards! If you’re signed up for email notifications we’ll keep you posted with updates on our progress and timelines. Otherwise, stay tuned to our Twitter and Discord for more updates

When will you reveal the mythic, exotic and reward card designs?

We’ll be revealing the designs for these cards over the coming weeks as part of the lead up to launch.