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Hello Collectors!

Here we go! When we first came up with the idea to create a set of cards to memorialize the year in crypto we had no idea what kind of response we’d get. We had a dream that we could make an awesome collector set that included art from some of the top digital artists and that could feature some of the best up and comers as well. We never dreamed that we would see the overwhelming amount of support and positive feedback that we’ve received and we’re extremely excited to launch this set to the community.

Crypto 2021

My cofounder Gavin and I collected trading cards as kids. My favorite sport was hockey and my favorite movie was Star Wars — I had a ton of cards for both. It was a blast to open packs, to trade cards with friends and try to fill out sets. Sometimes you’d get a rookie card or something rare to show off, but to me the best part was seeing the new designs and how the set and players changed year to year.

We’ve been making digital and physical trading cards at Epics for the past four years and we’ve always felt that it would be fun to create a set of trading cards for crypto — a set that captures the spirit of the ecosystem for that year and would memorialize the changing landscape throughout time.

This is exactly that set. We hope this becomes a fun yearly tradition and we’re able to introduce you to some talented new artists, share new work from some of the biggest creatives in the space and spark some fun competition for the top spots on the leaderboards.

The team and I have been looking over the submissions over the past week and I could not be more excited to see this set come to life. We’ve received a ton of submissions for the set and it’s been a long and tough process to pick the talent and art that will be part of the set.

What to expect

Most of our sets at Epics are very uniform. This makes sense for that world, where teams and events have consistent brands and design. Crypto is anything but uniform and consistent and this set is certainly true to that spirit. You’ll find a broad range of creative styles and a mix of content themes including pure art, influencers from the space and some stylized memes. Lambo Jesus will of course also make an appearance. Some cards/themes might even carry over from season to season.

If one of your favorite artists is in the collection you’ll find a unique piece of art they have contributed that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. There are only 150 of each card minted, so these items are very limited for a collector card set. We wanted to ensure that keep these pieces exclusive and valuable for you, the collector.

The future

We’re excited about this collection and even more excited about what we have planned in the future. The NFT ecosystem is just getting started and we have a ton of ideas we’d love to share with the community. We feel that reducing fees and adding scalability is going to unleash a massive wave of mainstream collectors over the next year or two and we’re committed to being a big part of the movement.

We’re looking forward to collecting with you for many years to come!

Team Kolectiv