We launched Kolectiv because we felt like the current market for launching NFT’s is too chaotic. Too much content, too little story. Kolectiv was conceived as a slower, more deliberate alternative. We want to highlight the artists and the themes that we love to collect and share them with other fans.

Annual Year in Crypto Recap Collection

The first project we launched with was the Crypto 2021 set — a collection of the artists, themes and projects that defined the last year in crypto. This is a collection that we want to release every year so that in 100 years collectors can look back and see how the ecosystem changed from year to year. Moving forward we’ve had a lot of collectors and artists ask what else is in store for Kolectiv. We felt it was important to clarify our vision for the site and how we plan to fit into the ecosystem that’s sprung up over the last 12 months.

What is Kolectiv?

To start it’s probably more helpful to describe what Kolectiv is not vs what it is. Kolectiv is not a place where:

  • Anyone can mint an NFT
  • Focused on only the biggest artists and collectors

Kolectiv is a place to collect NFT art that’s centered around a common theme.

  • We will have longer duration (likely monthly) drops where we’ll pick themes and invite artists that fit each theme to participate in a series of drops throughout the month.
  • Upcoming drops include Pixel art, Sci-Fi and a “Dark Arts” Tarot Deck
  • We are coordinating future drops with artists in the traditional art world, leading artists in the NFT space and upcoming talent that our partnered artists and our scouting team feel could make a long term impact and significant contribution to the NFT space.
  • On top of the featured artists in each drop, we also want to get the community and artists involved with open submissions to promote artist growth and introduce up and coming talent to our community in a more structured way. We saw several artists like Gabe Weiss, Dario De Siena and other artists who were relatively newcomers in the NFT space at the start of the project become top selling artists on other platforms.

What Makes Us Unique?

We chose this format to slow things down a little and differentiate our small corner of the NFT world from all the other great projects and art out there today. We want collectors and artists to know that when we get behind a drop we’re going to be focused on it. We want to dig into the artists and the subject. We want to go deep. We also want the ecosystem to get into a more defined rhythm for drops vs the frenetic pace that other sites are pushing content to market. We can do this through:

  • Blog posts and in app info pages sharing the thought process behind drops including: structure, utility, founder card incentives and rewards
  • Youtube content including Q&As, WIP segments, artwork theory craft and podcasts
  • Physical items paired with NFTs
  • Partnerships and collabs with other projects in the NFT community

Lastly, we also created Kolectiv out of a desire to experiment and push the boundaries of what’s possible in NFT’s. Drop formats, content types, physical/digital tie-ins — all are on the table to explore here. We don’t have major IP partners to seek approval from in order to try new things. This is extremely freeing for our team vs. our publishing business at Epics (which is also great — just different). This means we can create fun and innovative elements that will make collecting with us more rewarding over time. Your input as a community is invaluable here and we’ll likely work to formalize that community input over time.

More info on the specifics of our next drops will be coming soon. We’ve intentionally kept back some info to allow the spotlight to stay on the Crypto 2021 release while people battle for leaderboard placement in these first thirty days but rest assured we’ll be announcing the next drops soon.

Thanks again for your support and contributions